Monday, September 15, 2008


So here is the deal, for those of you who know me, I am a pretty hardcore gamer, there are few who are more so. I prefer the lighter site of the Industry, but am known to throw in a little GEARS or Bioshock every now and then, with several of my friends asking me at various intervals which game they should buy and why...I decided to go ahead and post the good ones (in my opinion) here first so they can get a good idea what to go out and drop 60 bones on. If you didn't catch it there, I will only be reviewing Xbox 360 games on this blog, there will occasionally be non review oriented posts made here, but nothing PlayStation, seeings how that system is an over priced DVD player. So if you are looking for the digs on God of War, go somewhere else. So that's enough of the ultra basic over simplified me, now to a bit of the review system that i use, there are a few key parts that directly influence my reviews:

1: Graphics: The game can play as smoothly as greased wheel rolls, but if its ugly, invisible walls, man traps, glitches and poor rendering, then it is going to suck.

2: Physics: its not how you kill a guy, its how he falls when you do. with all of the innovative engines out there these days, its pretty sad when they are too lazy to render in more than one way for a corpse to decompose.

3: Game play: If its the greatest looking game ever made, with the most realistic graphics and physics, and the story line blows, whats the point? I submit that there is no point in a game as Gorgeous as Oblivion, with the Plot line of Frogger. Or if it is too easy or too difficult there is not a lot of love. no one but the most hardcore of the hardcore masochists enjoy having to attempt the same quest over and over again on the easiest of difficulties, and on the same point but opposite end of the spectrum, no one likes to be board while doing something that is supposed to be entertaining.

4: Length/presence of the single player game: If the game is the most insane fun that you and your friends have had in the last five years of console bonding, and it only lasts for an

5: Multi-player: Is there a co-op? Is there a vs. mode? if so how well does it work? Does the match making function flow effortlessly or is it like full of holes and glitches?

These five parts of the process will be added up to make a total of 50 points, then given a letter grade to correspond to the number. Do try to keep in mind this is only the opinion of one person, there is no one else to regulate my process, so if you don't agree, please do so politely, don't get rude, just don't read it if you that inclination, save your time for something more important like brushing your teeth.

Policy: Yes i have given out my gamer tag, will i add you? Not unless i know you, and even then...probably not.
If you have a game to suggest to me, comment here, my Xbox profile is set to private, so I can't here all of you fourteen year old boys singing, cussing, and telling 80's "your mom" jokes, and so that you can't fill my Inbox with spam...unless you are already on my friends list...then spam away.
If you have a question feel free to ask, I may choose to answer...
I also reserve the right to refuse to play any game for any reason, and make fun of you for suggesting a game that is super lame...(anything with a pinata in it)


Matt Baker said...

Comment and a question:

Comment--Screw you. Frogger rules!

Question--American Idol Game? Do you LOVE IT?

Kelly David said...

I don't think I can read this blog, that avatar is far to scary....

SoldierofEmpire said...

Kelly, stop being a wuss. Baker, no Idol ever, its gay enough on TV.