Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Starwars: The Force Unleashed

First of all, allow me to throw up a little bit of a disclaimer, I am by no means a Starwars geek, the only bounty hunter that I can name is Boba Fett. No, I didn't dress up for any of the premieres, and frankly, only went to "Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones" because someone else payed for them.

So, with that being is my official review.

1. Graphics: This game is BEAUTIFUL. But what I noticed more than anything else was the backdrops on the levels. In most games there is what is known as "fog of war" or "level walls" (unfortunately some have both) that never really let you forget that you are playing a fixed story that will take you to a fixed point, even some of the greatest "free roam" games like "Fable" and "Oblivion" have these traits. There is no "fog" and very few "walls" the way its blended with the graphics in the background is seamless in "TFU". There was nothing as far as graphics that I didn't like.

Graphics: 10/10

2. Physics: I Mixed emotions here. The rag-doll physics in this game are awesome. Between using your "Lightsaber" as a projectile and the force as a crane, there are endless ways to slice, bash, push, and throw your enemies to their ruin. However, there are HUGE inconsistencies as far as "the Force" is concerned pertaining to physics. For instance: you can snag a Ti Fighter out of the air that is flying quite fast, but you can't pick up a certain kind of stormtrooper, this is ridiculous.

Physics: 4/10

Game play: This section is going to rate a little better than the last. Game play in this game is actually pretty nice. If in the middle of the game you find something too hard to do, you can just dumb down the difficulty settings. The same thing applies the other way as well, if at any point in the game you find it a tad bit too can crank it up to "Sith Master" and nearly instantly gain humility. Unfortunately, like "Mercenaries 2" there appears to be no way to die...only get stuck. So with out the threat of loosing the game and having to start back at the looses points.

Game Play: 8/10

Single Player: This is also a bit of a mixed bag. The story line is great, but the length is pathetic. I am of the opinion that if I am going to shell out 60 bucks for a better have a pretty good single player or really good multi-player to make up for it...unfortunately this one has neither. Not to mention a specific glitch in the games programing that can randomly affect your game making it impossible to complete bonus objectives, and once you got it, it only goes away after you start a new game, or complete your current one.

Single Player: 3/10

Multi Player: NONE! i know...i know...its super lame.

so there you have it, the complete review for "Starwars: The Force Unleashed" over all rating 25/50. That my friends is a flat out F. This game is not worth buying, it is fun and amusing for a time, but you will have wasted 60 dollars. Trust me you will wind up shelving it after a few days.

"Gaming so you don't have to"

Monday, October 20, 2008

Excited for sequals...

So here is the deal, recently while browsing X-box Live I realized that nearly every game that I plan to review is the second or third in its individual series. It is nice to be past the days of a new "genre defining story for the ages" and to see that stories are actually being finished. I suppose that we all have the "Halo" franchise brought to us by the boys from Bungie to thank for that. Needless to say I am totally stoked to be playing many of these big titles coming up such as:

Fable II, Via "Lionhead Studios" (unfortunately only famous for the prequel)
Release date: tomorrow! (10-21-08)

Far Cry 2, Via "Ubisoft" (famous for anything Tom Clancy)
Release date: tomorrow! (10-21-08)

Fallout 3, Via "Bethesda Studios" (famous for "the Elder Scrolls" series and ground breaking graphics and physics engines)
Release date: 10-23-08

Destroy all Humans: The path of Furon, Via "Sandblast Games" (a subsidiary of THQ, famous for Saints Row, and the first Destroy all Humans)
Release date: 11-3-08

Gears of War 2, Via "Microsoft Studios" (famous for Publishing the Halo series, and for the Project Gotham Racing series)
Release date: 11-7-08

and last but not least,

Call of Duty: World at War, Via Treyarch (famous for the WWII genre definers Call of duty one through three)

So there you have it, its a schedule that should prove to keep me busy till Christmas.

"Gaming so you don't have to..."